GitHub Bounties

ARK's GitHub bounty program consists of rewarding people that have put time and effort into contributing to (one of the) various ARK repositories. Note: due to being hired by ARK, I'm no longer eligible to participate in the GitHub bounty program

Misc. Contributions

There have been multiple contributions, outside of the GitHub bounties, created by Delegate ItsANameToo that are of use to the ARK Ecosystem.
vanir A core plugin that allows delegates to whitelist public keys and keep transactions from those public keys on their node to self-forge them.
hermod A monitoring and snapshot tool to help delegates get informed about issues on their nodes and to take automated backups
ARK Core Cheat Sheet An overview with useful links, hacks and other information that's relevant to any relay runner or delegate
ploutos A custom true block weight payout script
Desktop Wallet v2 Helped develop the ARK Desktop Wallet v2 from scratch
Explorer Test Suite Created a full test suite for the ARK Explorer
Note: this list will be extended with more contributions as they are made!